Sunday, June 13, 2010

Technical Support vs Geneology

Another day, another post... (I know I said I wouldnt do it often, shush).

I have done telephone technical support for 8 years now. Its very much like doing geneolgy. Now that I have your attention you undoubtedly want to know why... OK I shall indulge you (just this once ;)

  1. You cannot see what you are working on with rare exeption.
  2. Although you are working with facts, many times you only have obscure clues.
  3. People lie to you (though usually not intentionally - I kid you not).
  4. Yon never know where a call or research on an individual may take you.
  5. Often times you must ast the same thing different ways to find the answer.
  6. You MUST have patience (one step down from Job).
  7. Get ready to be hung up on lol.
  8. Many moments of exteme frustration are wiped away with just one success.
  9. You MUST learn to trust your instincts but DOCUMENT your answers.
  10. Just as there is always another call there is always another person to investigate.

Ten items is all my tired brain can up with tonight. I was thinking about this today between calls and there honestly are similarities. In addition (for me anyway) both are exceedingly rewarding.


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