Saturday, June 12, 2010

Swore I would never blog

OK, So all things change. Its OK but that doesn't mean I will do it often... (I think I said something along those lines to my dad many years ago about sex, but I digress).

Right now my hobby (geneology) has become more than a hobby but not quite a passion. (Yet). This seems to be a good way of letting people know I am out here and where I am stuck. As well as the victories. At the moment I seem to be stuck far more often that I can help. But that doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

I have read where geneology is one of the few places the average person can do meaningful detective work. I prefer to describe it as putting together a jigsaw puzzle where you have seen only 10-15 pieces and know what some of the others are like. Most pieces don't fit exactly and some corners are bent and torn or missing all together. You haven't seen the overall picture and when you put pieces on the side while you look to see where they fit, someone rearranges them. Oh, did I mention you must do this while blindfolded wearing gloves? Oh yeah there are pieces from another puzzle mixed in...

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