Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Holy Geneology Batman!!!

OK now that I have been yanked back to the present from the 8th century, (but not before I found an honest to goodness Saint in my possible lineage) lets see what else I can come up with to blog about. Right now I am frustrated. My wife has no trouble finding elderly relatives to talk to. People who actually have pictures an information and documents. You know, the stuff you need to be able to good thourough job at geneaology...

Sigh... Just me an my trusty 'puter against a family that didn't like to document itself well... (Forget the ancestors I dont even have pictures of ME!!!) The up side to all this is that since 1996 my job has always focused on being able to do a web search. Because of that I seem to be able to find things, just not pictures. If its on the web, I can usually find it though.

We dont call the livingroom "the batcave" for nothing. It's kept dark so the light doesnt glare off the monitors as I search... Bruce Wayne has nothing on me. 6 computers, 4 different geneology programs untold millions of pixels spans multiple monitors as I search. Come here my data I need some dates or sources. Oh yeah, on the way, would you bring a dang picture!!! ;)