Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It runs in the family...

In the course of researching things I found an interesting (though somewhat sad) coincidence.

12/3/1897 Chatsworth Plain Dealer (Newspaper)
Frank Heald made a "pot shot" last Saturday. While hunting rabbits, accompanied by his setter dog, he accidentally sent the dog into eternity while shooting a rabbit.

One of my aunts remembers the following: One Thanksgiving Day, just before Thanksgiving Dinner, James W Heald (my grandfather) accidentally shot and killed his dog King. (No one was hungry that year.) I remember gooing around trying to see if I could find King because I didnt know what "dead" was.

Wonder if my cousin Paul Heald or any of his sons have a gun and a dog... (For my own piece of mind I am going to assert that it is required to have the last name of Heald to fall under this curse...) If I figure things right it was about 50 years between the two events, which means we are overdue, another good reason not to have a dog... If the elements arent there the curse cant happen. Hehehe